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Our Moving Services

Residential Movers

Shawn & Shawn Moving has served Pinellas County, Florida with residential moving services for over 10 years. We provided quality service from the beginning, and quickly spread as first-choice residential movers with our competitive rates and strategic organization. That said, we have more experience than any other moving company in Pinellas County. Shawn & Shawn Moving has years of experience in moving small houses with only a few items, to large homes that have taken up to 10 truck loads.

We are fully equipped residential movers with an elite line of trucks, a strong moving team, and unparalleled service.

Commercial Movers

Shawn & Shawn Moving company specializes as commercial movers in Pinellas County, Florida. We move small businesses down the block, as well as large corporations across the state. Resulting in moving new businesses into their first studio office space. In addition, we have moved entire companies to newly constructed buildings.

Our trucks range in size from an extended van for quotes and labor only jobs, a 16′ truck great for deliveries, two 24′ trucks for larger deliveries and smaller moves, three 26′ trucks for larger moves, and one 28′ truck for those extra-large jobs all equipped and ready to take care of your moving needs. This allows us to be as cost efficient as possible depending on your commercial move. Lastly, we have the manpower that you need. Our team has grown to 15+ as we have been commercial movers for over 10 years.

Other Moving Services We Provide to Pinellas County, Florida:

Shawn & Shawn Moving company has been Pinellas County’s go-to movers for the past decade. We have grown from using a small pickup truck back in the early 2000’s, to expanding to a full-service moving company today. Shawn & Shawn Moving provides clients as a residential and commercial mover throughout Pinellas County and across the state of Florida.

Professional Home Movers

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No house is too big or too small for us to move. Shawn & Shawn Moving moves all types of homes, from one-story homes to 3-story mansions, we have covered it all. If you are needing help moving out of your home, Shawn & Shawn Moving is your professional movers.

Labor Only Movers

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Shawn & Shawn Moving will provide movers to assist you in loading and unloading of your items without use of our trucks. We help clients move out of PODs, storage units, mobile homes, and more. We also assist a variety of businesses such as realtors, apartment complexes, interior designers, and trade show dealers in staging their stands, rooms, and homes for their next model or show.

Apartment Movers

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Apartment moves can make for quite some hassle. Moving up and down stairs, making endless trips, and always worried about if you are going to be able to get everything. Do not attempt to do an apartment move alone without professional help ever again. Shawn & Shawn Moving will be there to make sure you receive the best service possible and provide you with our elite apartment moving services.

Condominium Movers

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Condominium moving is potentially more of mental drainer than any type of moving. You will have to set up a time with the condominium board to be able to reserve elevators, clear out your condo, and get everything loaded. Shawn & Shawn Moving is here to provide you with the top-of-the-line condominium moving! We have been Pinellas County’s first choice for condominium movers for over 10 years!

In House Movers

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Need help with moving furniture from one room to another due to a home project, cleaning, etc.? Shawn & Shawn Moving are experienced furniture movers with quality service and care.

Packing Services

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The Shawn & Shawn Moving team has extensive packing training which ensures your belongings are safe and secure during the moving process. Our packing team can save you a lot of time while ensuring the safety of your precious items. We can pack one room or your whole house. 

Additional Services

Residential Delivery

Shawn and Shawn Moving also offers local furniture delivery services of all kinds. We can handle washers & dryers, refrigerators, grills, landscape art, etc.


Commercial Delivery

If you are struggling on your deliveries or do not have the manpower to handle all of your delivery orders, Shawn & Shawn Moving company is here to help.


Experienced movers, a fully equipped truck, and no hidden fees.