Shawn And Shawn Is Your Local Moving Team

For one thing, Shawn and Shawn Moving has expanded its local moving team each year, over the past decade. As a result, we now have over 15 movers, and our office staff is able to handle all of Pinellas County's moving and delivery needs.

Our Guys

Specifically, our owners, Shawn and Shawn II had a vision in 2005 to build the number 1 moving company in the county. In fact, our team is strong, efficient, and most importantly, respectful to all of our valued moving and delivery clients.

Our Girls

Finally, our local moving team would not be anything without our girls. Above all, they are big, strong, and can haul any load. Shawn and Shawn Moving has built our moving fleet for power, and efficiency. Our trucks can handle the largest, full-house moves, in addition, to provide you with an ability to go all the way down to a quick delivery just around the corner.