Limited Liability

We do not move the following items: Medications, high value items (Jewelry boxes), oxygen tanks, propane tanks, large medical devices, firearms, open alcohol, perishable items, hazardous materials, explosives, important documents, live plants.

When moving grandfather clocks and pianos you will need to follow-up with a tuning expert after the move. We are not responsible for malfunction as the possibility for these pieces to become of tune is quite likely with any move. Pool tables may need to be refelted and balanced by professionals after the move as well. It is recommended to hire specialist to move such items. We can move them but the liability on our part is limited to the actual movement of the piece not its functioning. Movers are not liable for electronics and appliance malfunctions. We can move these items but we have no way to guarantee these items even worked prior to the move much less after. You will need to call an electrician or repairman to address these concerns after the move.

We do not cover damages in boxes you pack. Pre-existing damages will be brought to you attention before moving items. Movers are not liable for pre-wrapped or pre-covered items as the piece is not visible. Particle-board does not transport well and breakage is very likely.

Please keep all pets and small children out of the way the day of your move. This will help limit the risk of injuries to all present. Additionally, some seniors may become aggressive or upset during a move and people handling their items. If this may be a concern as well please make arrangements for them to be absent.

Any items listed at high value with a value over $100 per pound need to be discussed prior to the move if you are requesting additional insurance above the $0.60 per pound required coverage.

Packers arrive before moving trucks all packing done before movers arrive if prepacked. All pictures off wall.

The mover is not an installer, exterminator or cleaning crew. We are not liable for damages caused during disassembly and reassembly.

Each move has a 1 hour minimum and maximum 12 hours per day. Anything over this limit or limit of the business hours of your destination, will need to be concluded for another day.

The shipper must secure their own insurance as we do not extend our insurance to the shipper.

We are not liable for weather related damages. If it rains the day of your move and we think it is too dangerous to continue, we will stop the clock and continue as the weather lets up. If you would like to cancel and reschedule for a different day that is your call to make. We will blanket your items and be as cautious as possible, however rain makes our ramps wet and water damages are more likely.

Minimal dirt, dust, rubs and scratches are common during moves and not covered. We will do our best to be careful with your belongings, however things do tend to shift and settle on the truck and minor nicks may occur.

Safe working conditions: If our movers notice mold, foul odors or other factors that could affect their well being during the move, we might ask for the issue to be fixed and the move to be rescheduled.