The History Of The Largo Moving Company

The story of the history that made Largo Moving Company what it is today.

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2005 - A Partnership Was Established Between A Father & Son

In 2005, Shawn & Shawn agreed to start and manage a Largo moving company in a 1998 Chevy Pick-Up truck. At the time, Shawn And Shawn Moving was able to survive and become profitable by handling mostly deliveries. They had minimal residential moving due to having to rent a moving truck for these moves.

2006 - Shawn And Shawn Moving Buys Their First Moving Truck

Seeing that Shawn & Shawn began to sign on several local furniture consignments stores and build a reputation as an efficient, quality Largo moving company, they began receiving requests to handle residential moving services as well. Shawn & Shawn found that by purchasing their first 16' moving truck, they would be able to provide better customer service. This was not only to delivery clients, but new residential moving customers too. With the purchase of this moving truck, Shawn & Shawn Moving began receiving an overwhelming amount of jobs for residential and commercial moving services.

2010 - A New Decade, Continued Growth For Shawn & Shawn Moving

As the moving and delivery services continued to grow, so did Shawn & Shawn Moving. By 2010 the movers had 3 - 24' box trucks and a handful of experienced full-time movers. As residential movers, they began to cover moving for all of Pinellas County, Florida. The delivery services also continued to grow. Consequently, Shawn & Shawn Moving received more and more calls for furniture and appliance delivery services.

2016 - New Year, Shawn And Shawn Moving Updates Look While Remaining High Quality Florida Movers

In 2016 Shawn & Shawn Moving rebranded with a new design, upgraded trucks, and an administrative support staff to handle the day-to-day operations at the office. By continually to focus on customer service, care for moving items, and timely service, Shawn & Shawn Moving continues to be the leading Pinellas County, Florida moving company and delivery service.

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