Pinellas County Delivery Service

We specialize in offering local furniture delivery services of any type of items. For instance, we can handle appliances to landscape art, we can move it all. Likewise, we have moved washers & dryers to refrigerators & grills. If you are struggling on your deliveries, or do not have the man-power to handle all of your delivery orders, Shawn & Shawn Moving company is here to help. We provide the support to allow you to focus on your business, while we focus on the deliveries!

Furniture & Consignment Delivery

Shawn & Shawn Moving company has worked with local furniture stores for over 10 years. We provide high quality furniture delivery services to Pinellas County, Florida. We allow them to focus on their speciality, while we focus on ours. Providing that we have delivered a wide-range of furniture, our delivery service is next to none. For example, we have handled nightstands, tables, full size armoires, and bedroom sets.

Let Us Enhance Your Business With Furniture Delivery Services In Pinellas County, Florida

Delivery Services | Shawn & Shawn Moving Company | Pinellas County, Florida

Shawn & Shawn Moving company has delivered furniture, appliances, and other large items for stores throughout Pinellas County, Florida for over 10 years.

For one thing, we first contracted in 2006 with a local furniture store to handle all of their deliveries of furniture. Throughout the years we have continued to support local businesses to help aid and advance them, while expanding our furniture delivery services.

We especially pride ourselves on our delivery services from handling each item with care from pick-up to drop-off. We are now capable of providing even more business deliveries, as we have continued to expand our fleet of trucks. Specifically ranging from our 16' box truck named Bridget, all the way up to Bessie, our 28' truck, capable of handling all of the items you have ready for delivery. Recently, we have also added a van, for all of our small-sized deliveries.

Shawn & Shawn Moving will continue to provide the top-level of customer service to individuals and businesses in Pinellas County, Florida.

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