Frequently Asked Questions for a Moving Company


What does your hourly rate include?

This is the number 1 frequently asked question for a moving company:

  • Loading & unloading
  • Basic disassembly & reassembly of larger, common, furniture items; excluding cribs or any other child safety related items, electronics, or hanging items on walls.
  • Protective moving materials; blankets, dollies, shrink wrap
  • Wardrobe boxes are available upon requests (18” linear clother per box, ie 3’ closet 2 boxes)
  • No charges for local multiple pick up or drop off locations


Are you licensed and insured movers in Florida?

We are a licensed and insured according to Florida State Regulations Chapter 507.04 by Florida State Licensed agents. 

Our FL LIC. # is IM-1528, we also received an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, as well as you can Like Us on Facebook and read what others have said about us on Yelp.


Do you have a minimum or extra charges?

There is a minimum of 1 hour for every move. Labor time starts when our movers arrive to your starting location and stops when they are finished unloading (or reassembling) at your final destination, eg: loading beginning at 9:00am, with unloading finishing at 5:00pm, equals a total labor time of 8 hours. Driving time between pick-up and delivery locations on local moves is included in labor time. We do break at the 1/2 hour. Out of Pinellas County moves incur Travel Fee of $100 per county line. Additional charge for "Specialty (items requiring specific tools or manpower ie piano or larger safes).


How much should  I tip the movers?

TIPPING/GRATUITY - Your moving team will work exceptionally hard, providing extra effort and concern to assure you receive a quality move by handling your items professionally and carefully. Rewarding this extra effort in the form of a tip or gratuity is not required. If you would like to show your appreciation to your moving team in this way, the following standards may be helpful: For a small, one to two bedroom move; a $20 tip to each team member is appropriate. For a larger move, 15% to 20% of the total payment amount divided between the team members is appreciated.


I have some items that I am throwing out, can you take those as well?

No, please call Parris Moving & Junk Removal at 727-657-8415, he will be happy to help you.


Do you sell boxes?

No, but Bring Me Boxes does and we will deliver them for free (limited area).


What if it rains during my moving date or on the day I am scheduled to move in?

INCLEMENT WEATHER CONDITIONS - We will take the necessary protective measures to complete a move during inclement weather conditions consisting of rain and/or mild wind.  If WE decide that it is too severe or dangerous conditions, we will stop the clock and resume as soon as acceptable conditions allow.. If YOU request us to stop or reschedule your move will be rescheduled to next available time.  


What if something gets damaged during my move?

CLAIMS - While our movers take the utmost care there is always the possibility for damages regardless of the moving company in Florida you choose. In the case of damage please contact the moving office (727-234-7204) immediately. All claims reported within 24-48hrs of your move date will be honored. Florida State Regulations Chapter 507.04 states: “mover may not limit liability for loss or damage of household goods to a valuation rate that is less than 60 cents per pound per item.”


I had a confirmed appointment but the guys aren’t here yet, what do I do?

Please remember we are in the service industry just like the cable guy and plumber. We do our best to stay on schedule, but unforeseeable things may happen. Allow our guys ½ hour either way; sometimes we can get to you earlier than expected. Please pay attention to your phone the day of your move.


Do I need to unpack my dresser and nightstand?

No, this is not necessary. We move these items with the drawers in place and wrap to secure. However, we do recommend removing any valuables or items that may shift if furniture is tipped. 


Do you move out of state?

We do not, but we can load your truck or POD.


I have several items that I would like to donate, can you take those as well?

This is one of the common frequently asked questions for a moving company; Goodwill, Salvation Army, Indian Rocks Thrift Center, and Kimberly Homes do their own pick ups, please call them the day before your move.


For Insureds Purposes Certificate

View our insurance certificate.


If you can not find your Frequently Asked Questions For A Moving Company, please contact Shawn & Shawn Moving at 727-234-7204