Our Guys

Shawn P. Poritz

20+ years of management exp., 15+ years of delivery exp. & 10+ years in the moving industry

Speciality: Out of town moves - "Can't keep a good man down"

Shawn P. Poritz II

Brings 10+ years of moving & delivery experience to our team

Speciality: The Impossible - "Get R Done"


A veteran mover, Mark began his moving career back in 2003 and joined the S&S staff in 2016



Started in the moving business in 2007, and joined the team in 2016

Speciality: Packing the truck - "Tetris has nothing on him"



Began his moving career with Shawn & Shawn Moving in 2015

Specialty: Stairs - "He handles the stairs just like a slinky"


Started his moving career in 2012, and joined the crew in 2015

Specialty: Large Pieces in Tight Places - "Honey, he shrunk my armoire"